About Chai Center Chabad

Chai Center Chabad is your place to live, learn, and love Judaism, at your own pace and comfort level.
Our community is accepting and non-judgmental, and our families have varying backgrounds and levels of Jewish practice but are all equal in their strong commitment and pride in our shared traditions and heritage.

We teach classical Judaism, and we are excited to share our knowledge of the Torah and thousands of years of Jewish traditions.

We believe that this knowledge and practice connects us to G-d, gives us our strength as a people, and is the secret to a happy life, strong family values, and assured Jewish continuity.

We have no membership requirement.
You are most cordially invited to celebrate, study, and pray with us at any of our programming throughout the year.

Rabbi Mendy and Rivkie Bogomilsky founded Chai Center Chabad in 1991, upon receiving the Rebbe’s blessings in writing for success in their endeavors, for success in finding a home, and for success in teaching Torah to the community.

Rabbi Mendy’s parents, Rabbi Shmuel and Yehudis Bogomilsky, are the Rebbe’s emissaries to Mount Sinai Congregation in Newark and the surrounding area since 1964, and paved the way for Chai Center Chabad with their activities, advice and support.

Rabbi Dovid & Zelda Raigorodsky joined the Chabad team in 2022 with a focus on youth and programming.

Dovid, born and raised in Los Angeles, attained his Rabbinical ordination at the West Coast Rabbinical College. Formerly the director of prisoner visitation at the Aleph Institute, Dovid has always dedicated his time and energy to helping a fellow Jew. Dovid serves as the assistant Rabbi at Chai Center Chabad.

​Zelda, a Short Hills native, began teaching Hebrew School at the age of fifteen! The daughter of Rabbi Mendy and Rivkie, Zelda has always had a passion and love for connecting with fellow Jews and bringing the light and warmth of Judaism to the community.