Our Davening (prayer) services are user-friendly and open to all, and you will be greeted with a warm smile!

Sunday – 8:30 am
Monday and Thursday – 7 am
Friday – 6:30 pm
Shabbat – 9:30 am


Chai Center Chabad is your place to love, learn and live Judaism, at your own pace and at your own comfort level.  Our community is close-knit, accepting and non-judgmental, and is entirely composed of local families from non-Orthodox backgrounds and varying levels of practice, with strong commitment and pride in Judaism and the Jewish people.

We teach classical Judaism, and we share our knowledge of Torah and how to practice our thousands of years of Jewish traditions.   We believe that this knowledge and practice connects us to G-d, gives us our strength as a people, and are the secret to a wonderful and happy life, strong family values, and assured Jewish continuity. 

We have no membership requirement. You are most cordially invited to come, partake and enjoy Jewish life, both holidays and year-round, through our prayer services, classes for youth and adults, and joyous holiday celebrations.