And just like that anti-Semitism has become full-blown and accepted.
Rashida Tlaib’s astoundingly false statements about the Arab position on the Jews’ return to Israel, are now being defended by mainstream politicians from the highest levels of government on down, and by all the media outlets, notably CBS. 
Just as it was before every other mass persecution or expulsion, Jews have now become the political football to be tossed back and forth between the right and the left. 
It is never good when we Jews are the topic of debate in a country, fodder for both ends of the political spectrum.
We now seem to be at the point where when we protest, half the country thinks we protest too much.
It is not the Jews who are oppressed, they say. It is the Muslims.
The Muslim population’s feelings need to be assuaged. Jews, suck it up.
All the Jews’ contributions to the United States from the times of Haym Solomon until today, in the fields of finance, medicine, the arts, politically, on the battlefield all the thousands and thousands of Jews who have given their lives for this country have been forgotten and have vanished in front of our eyes. The Muslim world’s contributions are far more valuable.
My dear Jewish friends: 
We are all in the crosshairs, no matter if you are on the right or the left, liberal or conservative, democratic or republican supporters.
Don’t believe that is so?
Look at history, from the times of the Hellenists through the last hundred years.
Our strength is when we are united between ourselves. We fall when we are divided.
Reach out to your fellow Jew – especially if he or she is of a different political mind. 
Say a kind word to them. Do a friendly favor for them, before they ask.
You will be the one to gain. 
And we will then all be protected.